Blitter Baroque

workbook y public diary de Allison Anders

Thelma and me (Schoonmaker The Great)!  Green Room at the Chinese Multiplex for the TCM Film Festival!   #tcmff
Izzy and her folks Ricardo and Devon At the arboretum
At the arboretum
Looking for peacocks with her aunt Tiff (aka “Tee”)
Isabelle with her daddy Ricardo the arboretum!
From bluegrass country to SF!  My office today #murderinthefirst
Two Ashland girl directors mind their manners!  With Martha Stephens at Mayo Arcade Ashland, Ky
What I woke up to this morning!  I ❤️Kentucky!
Kentucky kin supper: pot ‘o’ beans (great northern and pinto) and cornbread !  So delish!  Made by my cousin Dan
Two girls from Ashland Kentucky grew up to be movie directors and tellers of tall tales with my beloved Martha Stephens at the Grayson Art Center and Gallery, Grayson KY